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We like: Scott Sonnon – How we suppress genius and create learning disability

This very inspirational call for a more liberal approach to learning disabilities comes from none other than the famous Scott Sonnon. We most probably shared some of his videos before – he has lots of good stuff on strength training … Continue reading

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We like: World Record for Medicine Ball Push-ups

Ever tried doing push-ups on medicine balls or a stability ball? I do mine on ~20cm “pilates balls”. If you’ve ever done some, you know that they’re a lot more demanding than normal pushups. If not, you should try some and then watch this Clip of a woman doing 61 push-ups on 3 medicine balls in 60 seconds: Continue reading

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We laugh: Dog Gym

If you like dogs and workout, fitness legend Vince Tornado has a solution to replace your gym membership for ever. In his own words: If you got a dog, you got a gym! For man’s best workout, you gotta rely … Continue reading

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