We like: Traditional Kung Fu and the Mixed Martial Arts Evolution

Here’s a nice and short two parted post on traditional CMA and MMA. Michael goes into a very nice discussion on goals and expectations of training each martial art. In the second part he also explains the tension between practical and practicable and shares some characteristics of CMA, specifically Mantis Boxing in more detail:

A majority of the striking techniques include a form of “trapping” or clinch striking.  This allows a measure of control without disabling mobility to address other potential threats sequentially.  Mantis Boxing specifically includes “knockdown” throws that allows a free flow of striking without deviating etoro from the neutral position as required by throws such as the uchi mata or  hip throws.  The ability to maintain an upright position following a knockdown increases the effectiveness of fighting sequential opponents through efficiency of movemeent.  Clinch striking coupled with knockdowns makes Mantis Boxing highly combat effective.

We highly recommend you to go and read both posts:

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