We like: Knife Cufflinks

We like cufflinks and we like knifes, so what’s better than knifes and cufflinks? – Knife Cufflinks! From their site:

There are two accessories every guy needs: a pocket knife and a pair of cufflinks. So naturally combining those two items is a smart move. Knife Cufflinks are like classy concealed weapons that you can carry with you almost anywhere (with the exception of air travel of course). Each cufflink features a mini fold out blade that’s as sharp as you look when you wear french cuff shirts. Aside from looking damn cool, these little blades come in handy for cutting lose threads. The blades and handles are made from stainless steel and each set comes with a diamond dust sharpener.

Even if not very handy in self-defense situations these cufflinks will make all the guys jealous, so grab them at Cool Material for $55.

[via Likecool]

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