We laugh: Hands On Umbrella Sword Cane

The most recent entrant in our ongoing brass knuckle series is a bit more serious than usual. The brass knuckle is actually just the handle for a 15″ sword hidden in an ordinary umbrella. In their own words:

This classic umbrella looks and works like a regular umbrella. But, this self-defense tool hides a secret weapon. Just unscrew the knuckle guard handle and a 15″ stainless steel blade is unveiled to deter would-be attackers. Never leave home without this trusty late night protector.

This item would be a very nice tool for self protection. Only problem: it’s most probably illegal to carry in many countries including Germany. But if you live somewhere this thing is legal to carry or just want one for keeping at home get yours now for just $29.99.

[via Likecool]

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