We like: The Sword Maker

Etsy has a very nice video about one of the last 30 sword makers in Japan. Korehira Watanabe has worked for 40 years while attempting to recreate the mythical Koto sword.

We especially like some of the things he says about sword making tradition, as they translate very well into Gongfu tradition. For example he says:

I want my disciple to surpass me as a sword maker. It is my duty to build up a disciple better than me. Otherwise, the tradition will wear thin with time.

This is very important for Gongfu teachers. We see many teachers that fear their students surpassing them and try their best to keep them down. Good teachers will always be proud of their students and hope for them to become better than themselves.

Shortly after Watanabe says:

What I received from my master is not only the technique but also his passion for sword making. I want my disciple to receive my passion, and I believe he will pass down his own passion for sword making to the next generation.

Again this shows the traits of a great person and teacher – one who has such a deep passion for his art that he wants this passion to live on in his students, knowing that if passion dies the art dies.

[via etsy.tv]

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