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We mourn: Master Feng Zhiqiang from Beijing

Another one of the great masters has left us this year. Just in via Facebook:

沉痛悼念一代宗师冯老先生逝世!冯公志强因病于2012年5月5日下午不幸离我们而去,亨年84周岁。冯 老是陈式太极拳第十代传人[陈公发科宗师的最后一位离世的徒弟],陈式心意混元太极拳的创始人。兹定于11日在北京举行告别仪式,请有关武林同道以及门内弟子、学生, 届时前往告别。
We mourn the death of a great master, Feng Zhiqiang, to illness on the afternoon of May 5, 2012, at the age of 84. GM Feng is the last disciple of Chen Taijiquan 10th generation descendant GM Chen Fake. Grandmaster Feng is the founder of Hun Yuan Chen Taijiquan. A farewell ceremony is to be held in Beijing on the 11th, for fellow martial artists as well as indoor disciples and students.

I just met him once training in the park in Beijing. Our deepest condolences to his family, students and loved ones! Continue reading

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We like: Traditional Kung Fu and the Mixed Martial Arts Evolution

Here’s a nice and short two parted post on traditional CMA and MMA. Michael goes into a very nice discussion on goals and expectations of training each martial art. In the second part he also explains the tension between practical … Continue reading

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Stances in Gong Fu – and Proper Training Thereof

This article was originally written in German by Jochen Wolfgramm of Bailung e.V. You can find the German version on as well as on . This is a slightly edited and translated version, which we wanted to feature for you.Of … Continue reading

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We like: Lifelong Physical Activity

In a study called “Chronic Exercise Preserves Lean Muscle Mass in Masters Athletes”, researchers found that muscle degeneration through aging can be prevented by lifelong physical activity. Instead they say this degeneration might be due to chronic disuse. You can … Continue reading

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We like: Ba Zhou 八肘

We’ve been posting a lot of silly stuff and videos until now. In between we had some nice clips of some different martial arts and some articles, but not much of our main martial art Tanglang Quan. So here a … Continue reading

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We laugh: Shit Fighters Say

Some of you might be familiar with the series of web videos started by the YouTube channel shitgirlssay. Now the fighting community has its own send-up of this funny meme. We laugh but inside we also cry, cause it’s so … Continue reading

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