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We laugh: Japanese Dancing Karate Hybrid Ramen Ad

We’re still not sure why these guys are dancing and why they’re wearing a Gi while doing it, but they actually move a lot smoother than most Karate practitioners out there ;-) First we thought it was some (High-)Burito-flavored noodles, … Continue reading

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We like: The Sword Maker

Etsy has a very nice video about one of the last 30 sword makers in Japan. Korehira Watanabe has worked for 40 years while attempting to recreate the mythical Koto sword. We especially like some of the things he says about … Continue reading

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We laugh: Knuckle Bag Holder

This knuckle bag holder is not only practical for use with your bag of choice, but can also be used as a real self-defense tool (at least in areas brass knuckles are legal). [via Likecool]        

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