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We laugh: Bling Your Brass Knuckles

These brass knuckle variations come with some extra bling for the more feminine fighters out there. However, they seem a bit small and the extra cute heart-shaped rings could hurt quite a lot when in real use. If you were still thinking of getting one you’re sadly out of luck as the RigidDesign store on Etsy seems to be empty these days. Continue reading

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We like: The Sword Maker

Etsy has a very nice video about one of the last 30 sword makers in Japan. Korehira Watanabe has worked for 40 years while attempting to recreate the mythical Koto sword. We especially like some of the things he says about … Continue reading

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We laugh: China Knuckles

And to go on with our knuckles series here some nice ones made from china. You can either wear them on your hand or as a necklace on your neck, but be careful: **Warning: Fragile! Not meant for use in … Continue reading

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